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Trish Steele, founder of Safe Passage.

Safe Passage transforms abused women and their children to a new and better life by providing hope, opportunity and


Linda Dolson – Program Director

A graduate of California College of Natural Medicine, Linda Dolson is certified in Naturopathy. She has additional certifications in Homeopathy, Neuro-physical Reprogramming Specialist and Holistic Practioner.

As the counselor and health specialist for Safe Passage, a non-profit organization that helps women break the cycle of domestic violence, Ms. Dolson addresses the health issues, nutritional deficiencies and needs through customizing a nutritional plan for the clients. She recommends the vitamins that correspond with their specific condition and uses the NPR protocol to help the Safe Passage women heal from the emotion scares. Linda Dolson transforms their emotional DNA into that of a healthy confident person.

Linda can be contacted directly at her site:

Sherry Lynne, CNC, SMC-C, BCBC, Board Certified Health Practitioner, Stress Management and Grief Counselor, Certified Nutritionist, Board Certified Biblical Counselor, Licensed Minister


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