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Praise reports of people being healed and set free from bondages by the power of the Lord and only t

What happened in the last meeting in Simi valley on September 9th? Here are some highlights.

The Lord Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever healed and delivered many who came to the meeting.

One lady text’s today reads “Received healing on my hip from God. Canceled steroid shot I had scheduled. Praise God!!!”

Another lady gave a praise report that the pain in her lower back is gone and she believes that she is healed of all the Colon cancer for all the pain in her body was gone. She woke up next morning feeling great and went to a bible study meeting testifying she is healed and she is feeling wonderful.

Two other lady’s with Rheumatoid arthritis in their body’s who had pain when they came to the meeting, after we prayed for them the pain was gone and they were feeling great.

The holy Spirit touched and refreshed all who came to the meeting.

Thank you Holy Father God for all you have done in and through your Holy Son Jesus Christ, the only True Lord and Savior! Of all who believe in Him and receive Him as the only Lord and Savior in their life’s.


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